Local info

The Burgau region of the Western Algarve is fun, romantic and family friendly with plenty to do. Whether you’re into golf or tennis,  a bit of history, water sports, walking/hiking or simply unwinding on the beach and in the surrounding rustic towns and villages, below are just a few ideas of how you might like to pass your time.

Burgau Village

Burgau is a beautiful fishing village which sits on the edge of a National Park. As a result of this, development has now been restricted, helping preserve its unique feel. Set amidst spectacular coastal scenery you can take your time to explore the stunning cliffs, undiscovered beaches, neighbouring quaint villages and national park.

Local Forts & Historical Points of Interest

Burgau Fort is currently a ruin located at the top of the Easterly headland, next to the complex. It played a major part in the history of Burgau and the local community are proud that it is a part of the town. There are remains of fortifications all the way along this stretch of the Algarve coastline — some were just watchtowers and others were more substantial defensive buildings.

Markets & Supermarkets

The mini-mercados in Burgau and the surrounding towns can cater for your every need but if you prefer to visit markets where the locals do their shopping then there are plenty of options.  We have listed the markets and supermarkets we feel it is worth telling you about, although most towns have a supermarket and some form of local market.

Kids & Activities

If you are travelling with children or would like to do more than just appreciate Burgau’s peaceful atmosphere and scenery, then here are a few great ideas. It is worth checking with Miguel or Zezinha for any information on organised excursions, as these are subject to occasional change.


Beaches in the Algarve generally fall into three categories: South coast, “Ponte da Piedade”, and West coast. South Coast beaches (which includes Burgau beach) are pretty, sandy, normally well protected from heavy sea and wind conditions. A number of these beaches lay relatively undiscovered and can offer totally private sunbathing.


The Algarve is renowned for golfing holidays and we have no shortage of courses just a short drive away. You can book directly with the golf course, or book multiple rounds via Quo Vardis. You’ll find all the details here.