Beaches in the Algarve generally fall into three categories: South coast, “Ponte da Piedade”, and West coast. South Coast beaches (which includes Burgau beach) are pretty, sandy, normally well protected from heavy sea and wind conditions. A number of these beaches lay relatively undiscovered and can offer totally private sunbathing (although they can take a little finding!), others are more easily found and have restaurant facilities. Burgau beach has a lifeguard on duty.

Ponte da Piedade beaches are the “postcard beaches” of the Algarve. Piedade is a 5km stretch of very soft rock which has been shaped by the sea into a series of 15 –20 beaches.

West Coast beaches offer phenomenal scenery. The aggressive cliffs along with surfable waves coming straight in from the Atlantic make these beaches a worthwhile visit. Please note: light rip currents, potentially heavy sea conditions and submerged rocks on these beaches can be dangerous so please take care when in the water here.

To reach the nearest of these beaches, head north from Vila do Bispo towards Alijezur, after two minutes take a dust road off to the left, signposted “Florestal Perimito” and head west. Please note: road surface is unsuitable for some cars.

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