About us

Fred Spence (Yorkshire, UK) and Laurindo Aguas (Burgau, Portugal) met in 1980 and were close friends for around around ten years when they decided to build a business together. The result of their efforts was a “complex” made up of apartments, villas, a restaurant, a swimming pool and a bar. This was completed in the late 1990s.

They wanted the development to sit in the village discreetly and, in our view, they succeeded. From the road the development looks like a row of fisherman’s cottages, from the beach they blend in beautifully with the landscape.

Fred and Laurindo have now passed on, but their families remain good friends and still work together running the business. Laurindo and Gloria’s son Miguel and his wife Zezinha run the Portuguese side of the business by looking after all of our guests. Back in the UK, Fred and Joan’s daughter Hilary and her husband Peter, along with their children Fran and Daniel, run the rest of the business.

You can contact Fran on +44 (0)7808 989644 or email [email protected] or simply use our contact form.  If Fran is busy or away from her phone, please leave a voicemail and she will get back to you ASAP.