Firstly, if you have any transfer planning concerns, please contact us using our contact details.

You can find maps of Burgau, Burgau area and Lagos here.

Our Address in Portugal is: 42 Rua da Forteleza, Burgau, 8650-111 Budens, Algarve, Portugal

Call Miguel or Zezinha if you have any urgent travel problems whilst in Portugal (+351 282 697 761)

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By Coach

Book a seat on a coach for about £17 – £18 per person on A representative will meet you at the airport; they will probably tell you to hang around for up to an hour before they set off. The coach drops lots of people off on the way, and takes up to 2.5 hours. This is not a bad option!

By Taxi

You can just turn up and grab a taxi to Burgau but it will be cheaper if you pre-book it. For more people minibus options can be given. Someone will normally be waiting for you at arrivals, but check with the company and contact details given on your receipt.

By Car

The route from Faro Airport to Burgau is highlighted in the map below, we have written out our own version of the directions as we find them a little easier to follow. The journey takes a little over an hour by car.

Driving Directions to Burgau

From Faro Airport follow signs A22 to Lisbon (LISBOA) Loule and Portimao for 11km. Close to the A22 be careful to follow A22 to Lisbon and Portimao, NOT A22 Espanha (Spain).

North of Albufeira (33km from Faro) the motorway divides. The IP1 goes North to Lisbon. Stay on the A22 to Portimao and Lagos.

Do not take the first Lagos exit “Lagos East and Odiaxere” (Junction 2). Leave the motorway 83Km from Faro (Junction 1) at the Lagos West and Vila do Bispo exit, 1km past the Lagos motorway services. It’s a tight turn off to the right, hidden on a bend and easily missed. If you miss it don’t worry. It’s a short distance to the end of the motorway at Bensafrim where you go round the roundabout and come back to the first exit.

Follow the southbound link road 5km to the N125. There is a roundabout 1Km before the end with only one entrance and one exit, straight on. Don’t ask why it’s there, but, being a motorway in appearance, such an unexpected roundabout has led to some unfortunate incidents. Take care.

At the next roundabout the link motorway ends joining the N125. Go right (West) towards Vila do Bispo, Luz and Sagres. Stay on the N125 past several traffic light junctions.

After 9Km from joining the N125 turn left to Burgau (a right-hand-slip-road-junction, plus roundabout plus traffic lights). Follow the road and in 2km enter Burgau.

The centre of Burgau is a junction of five roads with a bus shelter and newspaper shop. There is a left turn, a right turn and two narrow streets straight ahead. Take the left of these two narrow streets, going downhill. After 200 metres, at the bottom of the hill enter the small square and turn left following another narrow road going uphill and bending right. The Navigador Restaurant and Reception for the Descobrimentos apartments are at the top of the hill. Park along the kerb on the right or on the rough ground just beyond the restaurant.

The journey from Faro to Burgau is 100km and usually takes about 1¼ hours. Speed limits are generally 120km per hour on motorways and 80km per hour on ordinary main roads. Speed limits are enforced. Keep the car hire documents, your driving licence and passport with you whenever driving to avoid any complications if stopped at a police check point.

Note the different designs of junction: those where turning left is affected from the centre of the road and awaiting a left filter and those where it involves a right hand slip road then crossing the main road.